dojocco Wi-Fi Access Service User Policy

dojocco Wi-Fi Access Service User Policy

 This is a free Wi-Fi internet access service provided by San-in Cable Vision; Yasugi dojocco TV. All users are required to log in individually as an independent user.

1. General Provisions
1. San-in Cable Vision; Yasugi dojocco TV, (“"dojocco TV”), establishes the policy listed below for users of dojocco Wi-Fi Access Service, (“Service”).)
2.1. This policy is applied for dojocco TV and users. dojocco TV and users must follow this policy after registration.
2.2. dojocco TV may revise this policy without permission from users.

2. Application
3. It is necessary for users to agree this policy before submitting user login password to use service.
4.1. User shall prepare hardware, software and other devices necessary for their use of Service on their own responsibilities.
4.2. User shall approve that dojocco Wi-Fi is not encrypted.

3. Use of the Service
5.1. dojocco TV provides Service according to this policy. In case there is an agreement that third party shows, user must agree both dojocco TV’s and third party’s policy.
6. Users shall agree that dojocco TV is not responsible for contents or information provided by third party.
7.1. dojocco TV will not assure any integrity, accuracy, certainty, and validity of the products, services and information provided by third party through Service.
7.2. dojocco TV is not responsible for any disputes between users and third party because of products, services and information provided by third party.
8.1. dojocco TV shall be able to interrupt, limit Service without any notification in cases listed below.
01) Regular repair work and emergency maintenance or unexpected system failure
02) When Service is shut down by disaster, riot, power failure or other inevitable cases.
03) When Service is suspended by the order from the government, or by the other telecommunication companies.
04) Temporary suspension as needed
8.2. dojocco TV is not responsible for any loss caused by suspensions under clause 8.1.
9. By applying for this service, the applicant may use the Wi-Fi spot (hereinafter referred to as "Wagatoko Wi-Fi spot") provided by Hirata CATV Co., Ltd.
However, regarding the use of the service at Wagatoko Wi-Fi Spot, you shall comply with these terms of service of the Wagatoko Wi-Fi Spot.

4. Acceptable use of the Service

10. Acts listed below are prohibited. dojocco TV may suspend Service in case of these acts.
01) Copyright infringement of third party or dojocco TV
02) Invasion of property and privacy of third party or dojocco TV
03) Acts that cause damage to third party or dojocco TV
04) Acts that slander third party or dojocco TV
05) Acts against public order of decency
06) Criminal acts or acts that can be related to criminal acts
07) Using Service on commercial basis
08) Setting up or encouraging pyramid scheme
09) Mass mailings intended for advertising or solicitation
10) Interfere with the communication of the third party or dojocco TV, or forwarding chain e-mails.
11) Using Service posed as third party.
12) Altering or deleting information of third party or dojocco TV that can be accessed through Service.
13) Distributing harmful programs such as internet viruses or other defective software through Service.
14) Acts that cause any inconvenience or loss to third party or dojocco TV.
15) Using an improper device that causes serious trouble to other users.
16) Acts unlawful or inappropriate.
17) Acts which could be classified as inappropriate by dojocco TV.
11.1. Users must take responsibility if users cause any loss to third party or dojocco TV even after losing the right to use Service.
11.2. Users on their own must manage any loss and assume all liability to information uploaded or downloaded through Service.
12. The following belongs to dojocco TV or the providers; programs, software, procedures, trademarks, trade names, services provided by third party and the whole technique related to it.
13.1. Users must not duplicate the information or files provided through Service against copyright regulations.
13.2. Users must not make any information or files provided through service open to public without permission of the right holder.
13.3. Any dispute occurred because of user’s violating the policy should be solved by the user on its own expense and responsibility.

5. Protection of personal information

14. Personal information on applicants that dojocco TV would acquire in the process is to be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of dojocco TV.
User must agree that dojocco TV collects, manage and utilize personal information registered by user for the purpose listed below.
1) Provision of Service
2) Identity verification of user
3) Enforcement of right and fulfillment of obligations
4) Marketing research and data analysis to improve or develop services
5) Administrative work after Service ends.

6. Compensation for damages

15. If the user causes dojocco TV any loss by violating this policy, user must compensate for it.
16.1. dojocco TV will not take any responsibility for any damage occurred to users while users using Service.
16.2. dojocco TV will not provide any operation guarantee for user’s telecommunication devices and software.
17. This agreement is governed by the laws of Japan, and it is to be applied to formation, execution, validity and interpretation of this policy.
18.1. In case a dispute arises between users and dojocco TV, both of them are to negotiate sincerely.
18.2. Matsue District Court or Matsue Summary Court shall be the agreed court with exclusive jurisdiction.

This user policy is valid from 1 Jun, 2018.